Making a community impact…

Whether you are a child in need, volunteer, social worker, or community member, we consider it a privilege to partner with you in building a strong community of resources for foster youth. Foster youth and their families are community members who need temporary help from us all. You are our community, you are our family!

Peacock Acres’ STRTP is a residential facility that provides specialized intensive care to children ages 6-18, including mental health services. STRTP youth live in fully furnished homes staffed 24 hours-a-day with caring staff who provide trauma-informed care. The goal of the STRTP is to enable children and youth to return to a less restrictive family environment as soon as possible.

Meet The STRTP Family…

Transitional Housing
Placement Provider

THPP is a residential program for foster teens ages 16-18 who demonstrate a readiness to practice their independent living skills with less supervision. Peacock Acres provides fully furnished homes in residential neighborhoods, as well as house parents and case managers to support residents in reaching their goals. THPP youth attend school, and/or work part time, and attend Monterey County’s bi-monthly independent living program classes.

Meet the THPP Family…

THP+FC is an extended foster care program for non-minor dependents (NMD) ages 18-21 who need further support while following their life plan. Peacock
Acres provides fully furnished homes in residential neighborhoods, as well as house parents and case managers to support residents in reaching their goals. THP+FC youth attend school full time, work full time, or some combination of the two. THP+FC youth are assisted in removing barriers to employment and self sufficiency.

Meet the THP PLUS (PATH) Family…

THP Plus (also known as PATH for Peacock Acres Transitional Housing) is for emancipated foster youth ages 18-24. Young adults who participate in this program receive up to 24 months of subsidized housing support while they practice their independent living skills. Peacock Acres provides fully furnished homes or apartments as well as case managers to assist residents in achieving their goals. PATH participants attend school, and/or work full time in order to qualify. Parenting young adults are welcome.

Meet the THP+FC Family…

The Peacock Acres Story

Ernest Howard and Nancy Edgin

In 1979, Nancy and Gene Edgin and son Ernest Howard were living in a new five bedroom, 5,000 square foot home on five acres, just outside the city limits in North Salinas, California.

Realizing they had more room than they could ever use, a family decision was made to share their home with foster youth until those treasured youth could return home to their families.

Nancy and Gene understood that foster youth longed to return to their families after healing has taken place. They knew that foster youth only needed a temporary home where they felt a belonging, had purpose and were a part of something genuine. The Edgins’ decided early on that they would raise each foster youth as their own.

In 1992, the family was devastated by the loss of Gene Edgin to cancer. Together, Nancy and Ernest agreed to continue the great work that she and Gene had begun. Today, Ernest Howard remains the Executive Director and Nancy Edgin still works with (and spoils) the kids.

The Peacock Acres Name

The name “Peacock Acres” originated when a single male peacock, full of long colorful fanning feathers, unexpectedly walked up the driveway to the house and made himself at home. It was decided that no one would run him off or pen him in. The peacock, now named “Paul” had decided to stay. He became a focal point of the home. Today, over 50 peacocks reside on the property.

Empower Foster Youth, Empower the Community

Adaptable. Deep. Creative. Authentic. Unbreakable. These are just some of the positive traits of foster youth. Foster youth have experienced unique challenges at a young age, challenges that most adults will never experience. As children in the foster care system, foster youth have had little control over their lives. They experienced abuse and/or neglect that led them to be removed from their families, whether they wanted it or not. They were placed with strangers in an unfamiliar family whether they wanted it or not. The grief, loss, and trauma of these experiences can sometimes manifest in harmful or dangerous behaviors as they do their best to cope with circumstances which are beyond their control. At this young age, foster youth are limited in their understanding of what has happened to them and their families. They lack the decades of life experience that would normally help them make sense of their situation in a world that appears unjust and cruel as they long to be home again.

As caregivers, friends, and role models for foster youth, we understand that their “negative” behaviors are the direct result of trauma, and this is the time and place to start helping them heal. At Peacock Acres we initiate relationships with our youth, knowing that we must begin by building trust. The relationship can then grow through jointly overcoming challenges and celebrating successes until our youth recognize their own value, talents and interests. Foster youth are hungry to be someone’s most important person, they’re hungry for us to recognize their talents and interests while promoting their uniqueness throughout our community.

Every day at Peacock Acres we strive to build our children’s sense of self-worth and confidence and help them overcome their obstacles, achieve success, and thrive.

Foster youth want the same thing that all young people want: to show the world who they are and what they are made of. The children we care for are resilient, have unique insights and incredible personal strength. They grow into adults who become professionals, first responders, counselors and leaders within our communities.