It is now time to celebrate our Work Heroes who are caring for our children, youth and young adults in our homes! Most of our staff is 100% “Direct Care” while other staff are proportional to direct care including clerical, case management and maintenance.

The staff who are proportional to direct care work are finding opportunities to work from their homes and coming to our care sites and office as needed. Our full direct care staff continue to come to our care sites as usual providing 7 days a week 24 hours a day care knowing Peacock Acres is an essential function similar to other industries such as health care, food and grocery service, protecting the peace, trades and much more.

It is now that we want to honor our staff for the courage and selflessness in upholding the commitment and values of family whether biologically connected or not. It is now that we include all industries that are doing the same in our communities knowing their contribution is absolutely necessary for the overcoming of our universal challenge that will end with a certain unity that launches our society into advanced understanding of each individuals’ worth that is a part of the collective that makes us whole.

We ask for you to please let us know you are out there, thinking about us and support us from your place. Please know that we are thinking about you as well and are always willing to assist our community in any way we can.

Please comment below to leave a message of encouragement and gratitude for all work heroes in our community and we will be sure those heroes get the message.

You can also access Peacock Acres through our Facebook Page or on Instagram.

Our staff and other work heroes must hear us and it’s up to us all to create avenues that carry our well wishes their way.

A healthy body includes a healthy heart and mind!!!

Let us hear your hearts and minds at this time of overcoming our universal challenges.

Yours truly,

Ernest Howard

Executive Director

Peacock Acres