ErnestDear friend of Peacock Acres,

During our pandemic we are collectively adjusting to the new living experience and now reaching out to you; our neighbors and fellow community members for an extremely important ask… Food for youth, adults and seniors in our community! Peacock Acres foster youth are making Brown-bag lunches for community members experiencing financial hardships with meals, and we ask you to PLEASE partner with us! 

We are off to a great start and on Wednesday April 29th, four of our foster youth and staff, with masks, rubber gloves and plenty of sanitation, made 200 sandwiches! We then packed Brown-bag-Lunches with Cutie Oranges, Capri-Sun drinks, bag of chips, bag of fruit gummies and a bag of cookies. Then, folks from “They Are All One” and “Shoreline Church” picked up the lunches and delivered them to Dorothy’s Kitchen, Elderly folks and homeless youth in our community. We even caught two of your youth putting two drinks in a lunch and when asked why, they said “to hook up whoever gets this one!” We explained that if that person gets two, then someone else won’t get one and they responded, “it will all work out!” Kinda deep huh?

Anyways, our partners say the need is increasing with our current shelter-in-place and food supplies are decreasing for these needy populations. We purchased most of the items for the Brown-bag lunches with stimulus money donated by one of our staff and current board members then calculated that each Brown-bag lunch costs $1.48 to make. If we are going to do this until the end of May, we need to have items donated including some cash to keep purchasing items that stores cannot donate. Hoping we can bring the cost per lunch down to less than $1.

Please consider donating any of the below listed items and/or some of your stimulus check to Peacock Acres. You should see our youth serving in this way! It’s amazing how those with little, eagerly engage in service to others! What an amazing experience for our youth and those in need!  

We are currently accepting monetary donations and in-kind donations:

  • Bread (sliced loaf for sandwiches)
  • Carrot packets (or other individually wrapped vegetable snack packs)
  • Drinks (Capri-sun packets with a straw or other drinks like juice boxes)
  • Oranges or apples
  • Small bags of fruit gummies
  • Small bags of cookies or crackers
  • Lunch meat (any kind preferably thin sliced so we can use more)
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Mayonnaise and Mustard packets
  • Toys (anything that kids and elderly may like)
  • Chips (small bags assorted)
  • Rubber gloves (for youth and staff making the lunches)
  • Napkins
  • Brown paper lunch bags

We are grateful to you, our neighbors and friends!

To arrange donation drop-off, please call the Peacock Acres office at 831-754-3635 or use the contact form below.


Ernest Howard
Executive Director
Peacock Acres Inc.

Contact Peacock Acres about making a contribution to Brown-bag Lunches!

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