About & Family

The Mission:

Peacock Acres provides supportive housing, intensive case management, and life coaching for foster children and young adults who have been separated from their families. With high character and resolve, our youth are steered towards opportunities for healing and growth as they continue their journey toward a fulfilling, productive life.

What is Family?

How do we define family? Is “family” limited to biological parents, siblings, and blood relatives, or can it be understood more broadly to include people who believe in us, share a home with, or take care of us?

Family is ever growing with special people coming in and out of our lives, sometimes for only a few moments and sometimes for years. Have you ever called a non-biological person “Uncle” or “Aunty” or had a friend who was like a sister or brother to you?

Family is also how we care for and commit to each other, how we make each other feel, the acknowledgement of each other’s struggles and successes, and how we love one another unconditionally.  The original Peacock Acres family of Nancy and Gene Edgin was created over 40 years ago and Peacock Acres continues to embody these beliefs wholeheartedly. Once a child is placed in our care, they are like family to us.

We want to learn more about you and invite you to learn more about us. Let’s join together, in love of family!