Family is ever growing with special people coming in and out of our lives, sometimes for only a few moments and sometimes for an eternity. Have you ever called a non-biological person “Uncle” or “Aunty”? If so then does this imply closeness with that person beyond acquaintance? Peacock Acres must incorporate others into the family to contribute their unique personalities, experiences, education level’s and essence, so our youth can experience the complex diversity of our world. If you are interested in an employment position with Peacock Acres and you are eager to experience the greatness of foster youth then please join the family through our application process. Employment at Peacock Acres offers meaningful work surrounded by well-meaning individuals. Whether your contribution is mentoring youth and other staff at our homes, office skills or community outreach, we seek to incorporate the variety of talents and interests each individual brings to the family. Through collaboration and diversity of individuals becomes a whole and complete family!

Send your resume & position of interest to employment@peacockacres.org


STRTP Awake Night Staff

STRTP Youth Support Counselor I/Facility Manager