God Parent Society (GPS)

What is a Godparent?

“One that founds, supports, or inspires.” – Webster’s Dictionary

What is the God Parent Society

The God Parent Society supports foster youth throughout Monterey County by providing financial assistance and connecting young people with positive mentors in the community. The funds requested will enable the GPS to carry out these activities with a focus on education, personal development, career goals, extracurricular activities, and physical needs. Any foster youth in Monterey County may request financial support in these areas to cover the costs for things like school backpacks, work uniforms, college activity fees, job training programs.

Foster Youth Scholarship

The GPS is composed of caring community members dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for foster youth through monetary means. By providing financial scholarships and purchases for physical, educational and personal development needs, GPS members enable Peacock Acres to improve our foster youths’ wellbeing; a goal which necessitates financial assistance. What makes the GPS unique is its focus on the needs as identified by foster youth themselves, a quick review process which enables the release of funds within days, and its broad reach in serving all foster youth in the county. Such needs may be a simple repair on a youth’s violin she uses for her school music class, a rental tuxedo or corsage for the prom or a special football helmet that helps reduce concussions while playing on their high school football team. These monetary donations assist foster youth to perform on more of an equal “playing field” as youth who have not been separated from their families.

Community Mentorship Opportunities

As a loving mentor of our ‘God Parent Society,’ you can help guide a child on their path towards success. Like any other child, our foster youth possess an untapped potential to sharpen their skills and level of activities in many areas of interest. Whether they want to learn how to play an instrument, participate in a sport, express themselves through artwork, learn about professional and trades careers, experience the outdoors through hiking, fishing or skiing; whatever feeds their imagination, Peacock Acres’ GPS funds will provide financial coverage to match our youth with a community mentor who has similar interests and experience in that skill and/or activity. We hope this dynamic renews our foster youths’ willingness to trust others and in return, believe that they can still be someone’s most important person.